Shark Steam Pocket Mop cleans and sanitizes

The Shark Steam Pocket Mop cleans and sanitizes all your hard floors better, easier and faster than any other floor cleaning method guaranteed. Germs can run but cannot hide from the new improved Shark Steam Pocket Mop.


Big news from independent laboratory confirmed the shark mop kills over 99% of disease causing germs like staph, salmonella, e-coli, mrsa and also eliminates 99% of the virus that causes H1N1 and it only uses plain tap water. And remember, clean and sanitized floors are the foundation of a healthy home.


John Cronan, PhD, VP Research / Magellan Bioscience says “I can verify the Shark Steam Pocket Mop kills over 99% of bacteria and viruses and it is just as effective as using harsh chemicals in sanitizing your floor. And clean and sanitized floors are the foundation of a healthy home.”

Shark Steam Mop

Over 7 million people worldwide bought Euro Pro Shark Steam Mop to clean and sanitize their floors. And now Euro Pro gives you the opportunity to try the new and improved Shark Steam Pocket Mop for 60 days with a money back guarantee.

A Shark sweeper owner says “I put it to the test and it cleans better than everything I’ve used before. It was just amazing. You thought your floors were cleaned until you actually saw the dirt lifted off and on the pads.”

The new and improved Euro Pro Mop system performs better than ever. The machine washable microfiber steam pockets are thicker. They pick up and lock in more dirt and distribute steam faster so floors dry almost instantly. Washable pockets mean no replacement pads that can cost hundreds of dollars a year.


How the Shark Steam Pocket Mop works

To get started add eco friendly tap water, snap on a cleaning head and with every push forward, super heated shark steam is automatically injected into the new double sided steam pocket and released through both sides to clean and sanitize floors. Two sides allow steam and moisture to evaporate faster so your floors dry almost instantly. Plus, it flips over to clean and sanitize twice the floor area. And it swivels to maneuver 180 degrees effortlessly.


Plus, it has been awarded the Parent Tested Parent Approved seal so it’s safe for children and pets. Bleach is one odor that you don’t want in your home. This is entirely safe to use and it really gives the type of cleaning that you need.

Get Everything with the Shark Steam Pocket Mop


Shark Steam Mop

Standard head and pocket: Double sided standard head and pocket, with microfiber pocket for tackling cooking spills to dirty mud rooms and even clean stairs.

Triangular head and pocket: The triangular head and microfiber pocket for cleaning and sanitizing around toilets and bathroom fixtures.

Extra Large head and pocket: The extra large cleaning head and microfiber pocket for big messes and watch how steam cleaning with Shark’s cleaning action is creating a healthier home for your family.




Now Euro Pro offers an upgrade to the professional Shark Mop system free


Shark Steam duster

Jumbo water tank: You get the jumbo reservoir to clean your entire house on one fill up.


Long power cord: Free 30 foot long cord to easily reach between rooms.


Telescoping tube: Since it is about making cleaning easier you get a heavy duty telescoping tube.


Steam duster: A double sided steam duster for dusting, cleaning, polishing and sanitizing hardwood, perfect for base molds without bending down. It picks up dust in seconds. All those little fingers just grab on to it.


Carpet glider: The amazing carpet glider to steam, freshen and deodorize carpets.


Shark fresh scent: And Shark fresh scent formulated for use with the microfiber mops. It’s like breathing in the first day of spring.

Shark stands for quality and reliability. Includes a full 5 year replacement warranty. There’s more if you order directly from Euro Pro Shark Mop. They are now including a Shark Steam Scrubber with two reusable and washable microfiber pads for cleaning and sanitizing kitchen and bathroom surfaces. It’s a $90 value not yet available in stores.


The Shark Steam Pocket Mop in action

An actual customer says “I was watching an infomercial. It was the Shark Steam Pocket Mop. It really was an answer because it was going to take me on my hands and needs. It absolutely exceeded my expectations. It is very fun, I enjoy it. Once you get that steam going, it’s sanitizing. Nothing is going to get it cleaner, there is no other product and we are not using any of those harmful chemicals. It dries out quickly so I have no streaking. Just beautifully shiny clean and sanitized floors."

Shark Steam Mop in action

Even after cleaning your floors thoroughly with other methods, Mark Rose CEO of Shark shows you how you turn down the lights and with a black light you can see a lot of nasty stuff on the floor and scary stains around the toilet. It looks clean but it was not sanitized. If you want to sanitize the floors you need the Shark Steam Pocket Mop. Once you have the super heated steam going through the steam pocket and using the triangle attachment in the bathroom you can get wherever you need to go and you can rotate it 180 degrees so you can go all around the corner and fixtures, even behind the toilet. He then turns down the light again and using the black like you can see there is nothing left, even around the scary area around the toilet which looked pretty messy before using the Shark Steam Cleaner Mop. Everything is gone. The Steam Pocket is incredible. The floor doesn’t just look clean it is truly clean and sanitized.

Another Shark Steam Pocket Mop owner says “I am the skeptic in the group as far as ordering anything from an infomercial and I was sold immediately when it was in my hand. The first time of running on the floor I was a believer at that time. We liked it so much that we ordered a second Shark Steam Mop for our vacation home. Our dogs are extremely messy. They walk in and track mud and the Shark is fantastic to steaming that mud and grind away. Everyone who orders the Shark Steam Pocket Mop will not be disappointed."


CEO Mark Rose shows how the easy to use Shark Steam Pocket Mop cleans a messy kitchen. Starting with some scuff marks which can be really tough, sticky green dessert mess underneath a chair and by just putting the mop pad on top, it soaks up the dirt because you’ve got that microfiber pad that just eats up all the dirt. Even sticky orange soda is cleaned in seconds. It is very easy to maneuver between the legs of the chairs and table. Once one of the sides is full of dirt, you just turn the mop pad over and use the other clean side to keep cleaning the floors. The shark steam just breaks the dirt down and it is lifted and locked by the pocket.


With the long 30 foot cord you can reach areas in multiple rooms and the Shark Steam Pocket Mop can cut though a very big kids mess with the extra large pocket. It looks like crayon, marker and finger paint but everything is cleaned in seconds. It also has a telescoping feature so if you are taller you can use it of it you want that extra reach. You can use the Shark Steam Pocket Mop for quite a while and you won’t be losing any steam. It will still be as powerful as it was before so you can keep going. And no chemicals. It is so incredible. And look how fast it dries. Plus, with the triangle head and pocket, it is very easy to get into corners right up against the wall.

Another Euro Pro Shark Mop owner says “I have a couple of dogs and every once in a while they’ll have a little accident. No matter how much I was doing like stepping on it with paper towels it wasn’t getting clean. But what really gets rid of the smell and the stain is the Shark Steam Pocket Mop. You get the steam going and you just put it onto the carpet glider and it just works right across your carpet and it takes that stain and the smell right away. It sanitizes in addition which it is really a plus. As soon as I used this and flip it over and saw that yellow stain I knew it had done its job.”